• Each of our plans delivers the same excellent service. The only difference is the amount of visits per month.

  • You will be sent an email report after each visit as well as immediate notification by email, text, and phone of any issues needing to be addressed.

  • We can provide the service to monitor all of these potentially costly problems and many more, giving you peace of mind, for a very affordable rate.

                                             Silver Plan                    1 visit /month              $35/mo.

                                             Gold Plan                     2 visits/month             $70/mo.

                                             Platinum Plan                4 visits/month              $140/mo.

    **Prices are for homes up to 2000 square feet. Free estimates for larger homes are slightly higher.

    We are bonded and insured, and have an extensive background in construction and real estate.

    Call us and we’ll arrange to watch your home personally.

    Ask us about our meticulous design and construction work.